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Best Available Vehicle In Our Fleet
Trip Details
Pickup Location: Paradise Resort Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Dropoff Location: East Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Distance (kilometer): 84
Duration (without trafic): 1 hour 4 mins
Applicable: Transfer up to 2 People.
(Including GST + Admin Fee)
Above quote is from approximate centre location of the Paradise Resort Gold Coast, Queensland and drop off Location East Brisbane, Queensland obtained from Google Maps. Duration of the trip 1 hour 4 mins and distance of the trip 84 Kilometre is calculated by Google maps without traffic and is for guidance purpose only. Additional $10.00 fee for airport pickups only. This price is exclusive per transfer for up to 2 people. This price $151 AUD is for best available vehicle in our fleet only. All prices are including GST and Admin fees. this quote is subject to availability. $20.00 surcharge applies for each stop. $20.00 surcharge applies for transfers between 10:00 pm and 5:00 am (Local Standard time). Prices can be changed without prior notice. Terms and Conditions applies on all quotes and bookings. Please read our FAQ'S for more details information.