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The Chrysler 300C is one of those super successful American big boys which represent everything that is luxurious and supremely stylish. The Chrysler 300 C proved to be a big hit in Australia though elusive owing to its status as an ultra luxury executive sedan. This is another one of those iconic cars that Chrysler has been able to build a dedicated global fan following with. Chrysler has always marketed this premium vehicle as a compellingly aspirational object, something that is synonymous with class and good taste of the owner. We're sure that travelling in the Chrysler 300C Sedan limousine which can easily accommodate four people (without luggage) for your trips to the weddings, airport, corporate meetings, conferences, hotels and special events will be supremely fulfilling and memorable. The reason we use the Chrysler 300 C is because of its all-rounder tag, namely the fusion of comfort, safety, luxury, features and design excellence in one gigantic package that you will not be able to keep your eyes off at all times! Let's face it; the Chrysler 300 C is indeed a special car and has oodles of history attached to it. Some of the biggest moguls in the media and entertainment, manufacturing, communications and other sectors have been known to prefer this car along with several celebrities.

The Chrysler 300 C is inspired by a global design template and has been refreshed over the years by the company. The Mercedes Benz does prove to be a big design influence for the car going by its design and interiors. The styling of the car is top notch and will definitely turn heads no matter wherever it goes and will outshine most BMW or Audi sedans with aplomb. The reason we love the Chrysler 300 C is that it has a universal appeal of its own. The car never looks dated or fossilized, something that has added to its appeal over the years. The multi-link five arm setup at the rear is very posh and premium along with the dual wishbone front and responsive power steering. The ride is supremely comfortable and sophisticated and this car brings a level of refinement to the table that is seriously hard to match! The car dishes out an impressive 236 BHP of power with its 3 litre V6 diesel engine. Cabin noise is nonexistent while torque figures are great in conjunction with the performance of the five speed automatic gearbox. The sheer size of the car is awe inspiring to say the least.

This has always been a huge car and cabin space and legroom is fantastic to say the least while the boot can take plenty of luggage. Finishing is top notch in the cabin with the best materials used. The car also has an 8.4 inch touch screen which comes in handy for audio control, car functionality and other communications. Handling and suspension is top class as well and this car will definitely give you an unforgettable ride! Its distinctive design and large size make it one of the top options in the luxury travelling segment.