Mercedes GL500

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The Mercedes GL500 is a complete package that combines the best features of all the Mercedes models into one. The body resembles an impressive style like those of land cruisers and Yukon Denalis. In spite of including an extra row of seats, the car offers ample luggage space and promises a great drive on any kind of rugged terrain off the road. In comparison to its older versions, this new Mercedes is a lot crispier, stylish, long, wide and tall with plenty of interior space assuring passengers a comfort ride. The car is easily capable of accommodating a full family including a pet comfortably over long distances without giving anyone a chance to complain. Thus when it comes to creating an initial impression, the car definitely won't fail you. In comparison to its rivals, the car is 250mm longer with a wheelbase that is 160mm larger than that offered in Mercedes M-Class. Overall it has a very imposing style.

The inside is large and spacious offering ample leg room to the centre passenger. Each of the occupants has access to their own climate controls. One odd feature however is the access to the rear seat which is only possible through the right seat. Apart from this oddity however, the rear seat too surprisingly offers the roomiest accommodation among the three rows and one could easily mistake it for a spacious private jet. The car has the biggest boot boasting a 750 litre five seat mode. The rear seats are capable of folding up electrically and referred to as the party trick. The layout is identical to the M-Class car with similar dash features, clear switchgear and an overall robust finish. None of the rivals can come close to what the Mercedes GL 500 has on offer with its extensive seat, wheel adjustment, good visibility and great driving position. The car is solid and stable with great air suspension assuring you a comfortable and relaxing ride.

What will impress buyers the most is the 5.5 litre V8 engine that offers amazing acceleration in spite of its size and weight. The car is capable of covering 0-60mph at a mere 6.6 seconds. It has a 7G-Tronic seven-speed gearbox that offers slick, quick shifts and it also offers the option for manual control and use of steering wheel buttons. One downside is that the car is the least eco-friendly in comparison to its rivals emitting a huge 331g/km of CO2. Servicing for this model is the cheapest as estimated with the first three visits to the dealer costing significantly less than what might cost for a Land Rover. What is even more impressive is the ability of the car to stop from 60mph at a distance of 34.7 metres only. In terms of fuel efficiency, tests have estimated a range of 15.4mpg. The car also has a vast 100-litre tank. Whether you are a fan of SUVs or not, this GL500 is sure to change your opinion about them leaving you nothing but impressed with its sheet capabilities, comfort levels and built style.