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About Adelaide

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Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and is the fifth largest city in the country. Adelaide is one of the most iconic and well known cities in Australia and is home to approximately 1.30 million people. The city lies near the Fleurieu Peninsula on the Adelaide Plains between the Mount Lofty Range and the Gulf St Vincent. The city was named as a tribute to Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen who was the queen consort to King William IV and was founded in the year 1836 as a planned capital. The city was designed and planned by Colonel William Light one of its founding fathers. The city has a grid layout with big boulevards and public squares. Parklands surround the city and it has always been one of Australia's wealthy and prosperous cities till the Second World War. Adelaide is often called the City of Churches due to the beautiful and historic churches dotting the city till date.

Adelaide is home to several important government and financial organizations and these are usually located at the city centre which runs along the North Terrace Boulevard and King William Street. Adelaide has earned its place on the global tourism map with innumerable sporting events and festivals. The city is one of the most liveable cities in Australia according to multiple reports and studies. The city is located approximately 50 metres above sea level and was earlier home to marshlands, sandhills and swaps. However, urban development has done away with these but this has also eroded the coastline to some extent. The Government is now building sandhills at many beachside suburbs in Adelaide. The Belair National Park and Cleland Conservation Park are two of the most well conserved areas in Adelaide.

The city is home to several rivers and creeks and the Onkaparinga and Torrens catchments are the largest here. There are several reservoirs for water supply in Adelaide while the Mount Bold Reservoir supplies most domestic requirements. Colonel William Light's plan was initially known as Light's Vision and is impeccably planned. There are five squares present in the city centre along with several parks which are now called the Adelaide Parklands. The design has several advantages and offers wide multi-lane roads, navigable city layouts and a lovely green ring that encircles the city centre. There are two ring road sets in Adelaide and some important roads include the Hampstead Road, Grand Junction Road, Cross Road, South Road and Ascot Avenue. Several villages and country towns of Adelaide have now been transformed into urban sprawls and the Adelaide Hills region has also witnessed skyrocketing development. The South Eastern Freeway has also been built to keep up with rapid residential growth and this is one of the most important transport corridors in the city now. The Southern Expressway is another major connectivity lifeline in the city.

Some important areas in Adelaide include Mawson Lakes, Golden Groves, Newton, Campbelltown, West Lakes, Payneham and Fulham. Other popular areas include Woodville, Mansfield Park and Athol Park in addition to Kilburn and Enfield. The city is home to several educational institutions including which contribute largely towards boosting the economy of the city to a large extent. The South Australian Government and these institutions are now attempting to showcase Adelaide as the education hub of Australia and a Learning City. The international student volume has gone up considerably in recent times and is pegged at approximately 23, 300 at any given time. There are several foreign institutions which are also setting up their campuses in the city to cash in on the new trends.

There are two school education systems in Adelaide including the public system of the South Australian Government and the private schooling system which is mainly the prerogative of Catholic and independent institutions. All schools are affiliated to the South Australian Certificate of Education or SACE. The International Baccalaureate or IB is also predominant here. The city is home to the highest number of IB institutions in Australia. The city is also home to several public universities including The Flinders University of South Australia, University of South Australia, University of Adelaide and the Torrens University, Adelaide.

These universities have earned high rankings in the list of top universities in the world. The iconic Torrens Building in Adelaide's Victoria Square is home to several famous institutions including the Carnegie Mellon University's ,Heinz College Australia, University College London's School of Energy and Resources and Cranfield University's Defence College of Management and Technology. The University of Adelaide is the third oldest university in Australia and is acclaimed worldwide. There are five campuses in the state while the University of South Australia and South Australian TAFE campuses also attract many students from across the globe. The Adelaide College of the Arts offers specialized training in performing and visual arts to students.

Adelaide is known for its diverse and rich cultural life and hosts some of the biggest ever festivals and other events in Australia. The city is home to several leading restaurants, pubs, bars, live music venues, recreational areas and lounges. The city has a vibrant nightlife and is also known for its iconic Adelaide Oval which also houses the famous Bradman collection. This is definitely a huge treat for fans of the legendary Don Bradman and his statue in bronze outside the arena is a treat to behold as well!

Adelaide hosts many popular sporting events and is also known for its easily navigable thoroughfares and streets. This is why many tourists favour Adelaide as it is very easy to have a good time here. Adelaide is one of the major growth drivers for Australia's tourism industry. A visit to Australia is incomplete without a trip to Adelaide and it attracts thousands of visitors every year and this boosts the local economy majorly as well. Adelaide has a laid back yet vibrant culture that is infectious and the beautiful landscape is a big draw for tourists and locals alike! Visit Adelaide and come back enriched with experiences you will never forget!