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Things to do in Cairns

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Cairns is rapidly becoming a preferred tourist hotspot in Australia and is also a preferred getaway for domestic travellers. This city has much to offer to tourists and if you truly imbibe its culture and ways of life, you will never have a boring moment! Cairns offers fabulous weather to tourists in addition to easy connectivity to Cape Tribulation, Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. These factors have majorly contributed to its popularity as a tourist destination. If you're looking for things to do in Cairns and have ample time to spare, you can start checking out the premium nightclubs, bars and pubs in the city. These offer thousands of visitors from across the globe with their special ambience, music and other attractions. You will enjoy the nightlife circuit in the city and there are several bars and pumping clubs that offer a night of indulgence and merrymaking. Most of these outlets are located at Shields Street and Grafton. Spence Street is another top destination to go nightclub hopping.

Cairns' nightlife is one of the biggest draws for tourists and you should not deprive yourself of a chance to enjoy an unparalleled night out during your stay here. If you're into global shows by DJs, you can check out the Velvet Underground at the Reef Hotel Casino. Other popular venues include Gilligan's, The Woolshed, The Heritage, Pier Bar, The Jack and many more! You can also unwind by taking a leisurely walk across the Cairns Botanic Gardens. This is one of the biggest tourist draws and offers some much needed solitude in connivance with exploration and beauty. You will love the Gardens which is immense to say the least and contains multiple tropical plants. This is a wonderful way to explore flowers and other flora and fauna for a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is officially listed as the Flecker Botanic Gardens. You will love some unique inhabitants of the Gardens including insect eating plants, lakes, waterways and a bamboo garden. The Gardens are maintained fabulously and possess several secret walkways that will get you in the mood for further adventure and exploration. There are several quaint little cafes for refreshments and nibbles on the move and you have a complete experience.

You can also opt for hot air ballooning which is a hugely popular activity in the city. You can actually get some breathtaking views of the entire city of Cairns from your hot air balloon. You will love the beautiful blue skies and will be able to take some lifetime photographs that will be cherished forever. This experience will give you a fantastic view of Cairn's natural beauty and you can also have some breakfast on the way! You can think of visiting Michaelmas Cay which is located around 40 kilometres away from Cairns city and is one of the most beautiful reef-islands in all of Australia. This spot looks straight out of a picture postcard and can be reached within 2 hours from the city centre. You can go snorkelling here and enjoy closer interactions with marine life. The waters are crystal clear along with an entire generation of corals dotting the area. There are several sea birds you will find here along with a protected coral that houses a variety of marine life. You can view starfish and sea turtles here as well.

The cay is a protected and listed National Park and you will love the entire adventure including the vessel tours on the ocean. Michaelmas Cay is the perfect destination for those who love the water, snorkelling and of course, sheer natural beauty. This is one of the most untapped yet popular hot spots for tourists coming to Cairns. If you're an adrenaline junkie, you can also try white water rafting. There are several tours and rafting packages that can be booked for odysseys over the Russell, Barron and Tully Rivers. All of these rivers are easily accessible from Cairns though you have to choose a good guide for the same. There are multiple tour operators in the city who offer well arranged rafting expeditions coupled with some more exploration and recreation along the way. The Barron River promises an ideal rafting experience for families and beginners who are not very sure of their own rafting skills.

You will most probably book for a couple of hours on this River and it promises to be worth every dime you spend! You can experience the natural wonders of Cairns and Australian marine life with a superlative rafting adventure with your loved ones in tow. The Barron River rafting tour is usually preferred by tourists who wish to indulge in some hair raising excitement and adventure water sports. However, care and caution is advised before venturing into the Tully or Russell Rivers which require experienced or capable individuals to navigate its waters.

You should always be equipped with proper safety kits and take all necessary measures to ensure complete protection from any mishaps. Listening to your instructor/guide is the best way to enjoy a memorable rafting adventure in Cairns without compromising your safety. The Cairns esplanade is where you should be if you wish to enjoy some me-time without the hustle and bustle that a normal vacation involves. The esplanade is a major hub for tourists and is one of the biggest recreational and entertainment areas in Cairns. You can opt for a spot of sunbathing here and enjoy the barbeques that dot the area. The Cairns Central Shopping Centre is where you should certainly go if you are a diehard shopper! You will find some exciting stuff here and also at another well known shopping centre in Earlville. There are numerous heritage listed sites in Cairns and you can make a list of the same to be explored and visited. There are numerous war memorials that are worth a visit as well and will definitely transport you to another world. Living the good life in Cairns is certainly a breeze!