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Things To Do in Darwin

Darwin offers many things to do for the curious and adventurous tourist alike! Darwin is one of Australia's biggest tourist friendly cities and attracts huge numbers every year. Darwin is regarded as a natural gateway to several attractions like the Katherine Gorge, Litchfield and Kakadu National Parks and other interiors of northern Australia. From fishing to sunset markets, crocodiles to parks and gardens, Darwin has something in store for everyone! Darwin is famous for its natural beauty and scenic landscapes, thereby transforming into a modern day oasis for global and national travellers alike. This city is one of the youngest capitals in Australia and possesses perhaps the sole seaport in the entire Northern Territory. Darwin is located in close proximity to Asia and multiculturalism characterizes much of life here including food, culture, art, restaurants, markets, museums, wildlife, shops and entertainment venues.

You should definitely start off your Darwin trip with a visit to the Mindil Beach Sunset Market which will give you a chance to gulp down some delectable noodles and take in the tempting satay aromas in addition to witnessing skilled local performers in action. This market is held on Sundays and Thursdays and is a treat for true blue foodies. From Indian, Sri Lankan, Thai, Portuguese and Greek to Chinese, Brazilian and Malaysian cuisine, there is a lot on offer for true blue foodies. The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory is a major tourist attraction that is housed in a garden on the Darwin Harbour and will give you a taste of Darwin's historical and cultural past. The Gallery is home to several Southeast Asian, Aboriginal and Oceanic art works by noted Australian painters along with some must visit exhibits like one of the largest captured crocodiles in Northern Australia named the Sweetheart.

You will also love the Natural History Room here which offers valuable insights and information into the ecology of the entire region. There are several photographs of the city before the devastating cyclone Tracy along with a spine chilling audio recording of the same. There is a café where you can unwind with some snacks and a hot cuppa. You can check out Arnhem Land which is one of the last areas on the planet engulfed in total wilderness. The entire Gove Peninsula is dotted with long and white beaches in addition to natural vegetation and crystal clear waters. You will be able to explore aboriginal lands and witness basket weaving by local women in addition to enjoying a sumptuous lunch and visiting the Injalak Art and Craft Centre.

Alluring Billabongs make up another major attraction on this visit. You will also love the rock art at the Injalak Hill along with the stunning view from the hill top which will give you a bird's eye glimpse of the water and floodplains. You will also receive a traditional Aboriginal guide for the entire duration of your visit. This area is one of the last and rare domains of the traditional Aboriginal people known as Yolngu and they blend contemporary technology with previous traditions to live life in a more fulfilling manner. You can also go souvenir shopping at the Art and Craft Centre which is a nonprofit organization.

If you're into hardcore adventure and wildlife, you can indulge both your passions with the Cage of Death experience at the Crocosaurus Cove! This is the only dedicated crocodile dive in all of Australia and will give you fifteen minutes inside the crocodile enclosure itself! This is a perfect experience for adrenaline junkies who want to get up close and personal with these amazing reptiles. These huge saltwater crocodiles will certainly give you an experience that is to be treasured for a lifetime! There are three cages of death where people are suspended right over the pen of the crocodiles and are steadily submerged into the same! A photographer also takes pictures of you both inside and outside the enclosure! It goes without saying that these photographs are lifetime souvenirs indeed! You can also watch the amazing reptile shows and even hold a baby crocodile!

You can also opt for the popular and historic tour of the World War II museum which can also be customized to include a scenic harbor cruise alongside. You will learn more about the iconic bunkers in Darwin, sites that were hit by air strikes, check out the military precinct and Darwin military museum in addition to visiting the military precinct at East point and taking the Darwin harbor naval base cruise. The cruise will give you amazing views of the city and you can even choose some informative and interesting commentary to go with the trip along with a drink or two as well! The cruises are best taken at sunset in order to experience the spectacular panorama involved in the sun setting gradually over the water!

You can also visit the Darwin Wharf Precinct which is a wonderful attraction and hub for tourists. This is home to several entertainment venues, shops and restaurants. You can opt for alfresco dining options that involve fresh seafood or even go fishing from one of the free platforms. You can take the harbor cruise whenever you wish or go bargain hunting at the shops. You will love the Australian Pearling Exhibition which informs you of the history of pearl fishing in the country while the Indo Pacific Marine gives you access to a breathtaking aquarium that is home to several coral and tropical marine critters. The Deckchair Cinema is another huge attraction and is managed by the Darwin Film Society. This open air screen offers several films while the Wave and Recreation Lagoon is another attraction on hot and dry days. You can even stroll through the waterfront path linking the Darwin CBD (Central Business District) to the precinct. The Australian Aviation Heritage Centre also deserves a visit on account of its amazing collection of planes and jets in addition to helicopters. There is a lot of history attached to each and every plane, jet or helicopter on display.