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Things to do in Hervey Bay

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Hervey Bay is one of the premier holiday destinations in Queensland State, Australia. This quaint city offers some marvellous attractions for tourists and visitors. Whale watching is one of the biggest attractions in this city and it offers close encounters with the rare humpback whales while other activities include excursions to the World Heritage Listed Greater Barrier Reef and the largest sand island in the world, Lady Elliot Island. The World Heritage Listed Fraser Island is also a major attraction along with the Hervey Bay Esplanade which is home to several alfresco and cosmopolitan cafes, parklands, shops, piers, playgrounds, and marina and picnic areas. The city is a hub for water sports like swimming, diving, fishing and sailing among others.

In the beautiful waters of Hervey Bay, tourists can take their pick from yachting, jet skiing, diving, kayaking, wind surfing, water skiing and snorkelling among other thrilling activities. Lovers of fishing and boating will definitely cherish fishing at the estuary, jetty, beach and reef. You can even charter yachts, vessels and houseboats for these purposes, thereby making the experience more personalized and memorable for everyone. You can also go on long and winding bicycle rides on the foreshore and visit areas like the Orchid House, Marina, Botanical Gardens and other cafes and restaurants along the Esplanade. There are several accommodation options present in the city.

Scuba diving is also a popular activity in the city among tourists who are interested in the same as a professional or recreational sport. It can well be said that Hervey Bay is definitely an aquatic paradise for tourists and visitors and is one of the best places to be at one with nature in Australia as well. The lovely, secure waters of Hervey Bay are perfect for every kind of water sport and recreational activity and this is what draws tourists in large numbers throughout the year. As mentioned earlier, Hervey Bay is the Mecca of whale watching as numerous humpback whales travel along the Queensland coast line from Antarctica to the Whitsunday Island. This movement happens throughout July-November which is considered a resting time for these whales in the considerably warmer waters of Hervey Bay. This is where you can have a fantastic time watching mothers nurse their young and the playful antics of all the rare humpback whales along with dugongs, dolphins and turtles. You will find several whale watching tour operators at the Urangan Pier in this regard. The arrival of these whales is joyously acknowledged each year a t the Hervey BayWhale Festival throughout July and August. Several parades, concerts and educational displays are put up during this time.

The Fraser Coast waters are suitable for family houseboats or luxury sailing yachts alike. You can learn how to sail on your own and embark on a personal adventure or even charter crews to sail for you. There is jet skiing and wind surfing for adventurous individuals along with kayaking. Wolf Rock is the perfect place for scuba divers to enjoy themselves along with the biggest artificial reef in the southern hemisphere, the Roy Rufus Artificial Reef. The Great Sandy Straits are also perfect for fishing and draws tourists in huge numbers every year. Game fishing, chartered tours and personal tours on hired vessels are all possible in this area. You can enjoy some lovely picnics in designated areas along the Esplanade or even enjoy strolling through the lovely shops and playgrounds. There are cafes and eating houses galore and the Marina itself is a sight for sore eyes. Walking and cycling on these quaint pathways is often a favourite activity for many tourists. The Orchid House is another tourist landmark and is housed within the enchanting Botanical Gardens itself. The Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum is home to innumerable historical buildings that contain in excess of 8000 exhibits from Wide Bay and Fraser Coast. The Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere is where you can gain some incredible knowledge related to the humpback whale as well.

If you are a golf enthusiast, you can easily tee off in style at the Hervey Bay Golf and Country Club which welcomes and encourages natural bush playing across a competitive 18 hole championship course. There are several tempting Discovery Trails where you can simply soak in Hervey Bay' charm at your own pace. Check out the charming cafes, pubs, espresso and boutique bars, beachfront cafes and fine dining restaurants. You will also find several boutique wineries and shops selling local produce all throughout the Fraser Coast hinterland area. This can be a fun exploration activity in itself for tourists. If unsullied beachfront is what you wish to discover, check out Burrum Heads and Toogoom which are lovely fishing villages offering soft beaches and canoe or boat tours over rivers and creeks. These villages are a preferred haunt for pelicans and many other types of birds. Fraser Island and Lady Elliot Island are two preferred destinations for tourists and several tours are available to these two destinations as well.

Researchers at the Oceania Project have discovered that Hervey Bay is a preferred social zone for humpback whales and the number of the same has increased to more than 7, 000 in recent times. As a result, Hervey Bay has definitely assumed precedence as a major tourist destination over the years. If you're into something offbeat yet fulfilling, you can check out Café Balaena which offers fantastic seafood and reasonable prices for customers. The gorgeous waterfront views and laidback atmosphere make the experience even more fulfilling indeed.

As can be seen, for water sports, whale watching and fishing, Hervey Bay is definitely the place to be! This is one of the best aquatic destinations for tourists in Australia and also offers a heady dose of charm by way of its cafes, pubs and dining joints.