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Things to do in Sunshine Coast

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Sunshine Coast represents a bevy of special attractions for tourists and attracts approximately 3.2 million of them every year. As a result, the entire region has gained cult status in Australia and boasts of several adventurous, enriching and special experiences. The Sunshine Coast offers many things to do if you are not pressed for time and wish to immerse yourself in the vibrant life and culture of the region. You can simply drive down the enchanting Tanawah Tourist Drive and then experience life like never before courtesy the bushwalking trail. You can also laze around at one of the super beautiful beaches in the region or even embark on some surfing while you can!

Among other attractions, visitors can take their pick from several activities including 4WD tours, abseiling, boating and fishing, parasailing, diving, surfing and golf among numerous others. The area is also home to the iconic Australia Zoo and the Underwater World. There are several weekend markets and several other attractions to keep visitors blissfully occupied on their trips. If you're all for exploring local culture like never before, you should certainly pay a visit to the Ettamogah Pub. This pub is famous for multiple things and has been witnessed by any individual who has drive on the highway between Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. This iconic pub definitely promises amazing experiences for tourists and locals alike. The pub was founded in the year 1989 as a real manifestation of a cartoon in The Australasian Post. This pub has a fantastic look replete with original and authentic furniture along with a 1927 Chevy that is parked on the roof of the same as well.

The beautiful theme park Aussie World is also part of this iconic pub. This entertainment park possesses in excess of 30 rides and other games which offer considerable entertainment for children and families. This park consists of several games, thrill rides and water parks. Some of the best attractions at Aussie World include the thrilling Redback ride which thrashes outward facing riders approximately 16 metres above ground level. Leak n Logs showcases an Australian outback theme amidst water. You can simply embark on short jaunt through a mist shed below a leaky water tank, sporadic water jets, log waterfall and a tin shed that showcases a storm in Queensland with rain, thunder, wind and lightning. Phileas's Fun Worx is another attraction with arcade, redemption and video games galore for kids and their parents.

The Ettamogah Pub was first designed and created as part of a cartoon by Ken Maynard. The pub opens at 9 am each day and stays open for patrons till the wee hours. Live music and seasonal beers on tap are major attractions at this pub in addition to some fantastic fresh damper, seasonal wines, local produce, reasonable prices and BBQ pork ribs. The Australia Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the country and is located on the Sunshine Coast in close proximity to the Glass House Mountains and Beerwah area. The zoo is part of the iconic legacy started by Steve Irwin and his documentary series entitled The Crocodile Hunter. The zoo is spearheaded by his children and wife at present. The zoo was started by Irwin's parents in the year 1970 and has grown into a huge attraction over the years. Several new exhibits and habitats have been developed with funding from the television series.

This Zoo has won the Australia Tourism Award for Major Tourist Attraction in both 2003 and 2004 while it got the Queensland Tourism Award in the year 2012 as well. The Australia Zoo houses in excess of 100 species including cheetahs, crocodiles and tigers spanning innumerable enclosures and habitats. The unique Wildlife Hospital is also part of this zoo. Education is give high priority at the zoo and visitors are encouraged to learn interesting snippets and facts about conservation and wildlife. There are several shows and hands on experiences that visitors can opt for at the zoo. The Crocoseum helps visitors learn more about the underwater habits of prehistoric reptiles as they lie in full view of the audience. There is a Wildlife Warriors show every day that is organized by the keepers of the zoo.

Roo Heaven is another exciting enclosure which is open to visitors and houses four species of kangaroos. Visitors can pet these beautiful mammals and pose for photographs as well. Visitors can also pat a koala in the Koala Walkthrough enclosure. Roving wildlife is another exciting attraction at this zoo. Roving animals may appear all of a sudden and the Wandering Wildlife team continually moves around with pythons, wombats, koalas, dingoes, lizards, possums, macaws, baby alligators and cockatoos among others. Visitors are offered a chance to snap some memorable pictures with these animals. The Australian zoo is one of the biggest draws for tourists round the year, notably due to its melange of attractions, diverse collection of species, informative experiences, special lineage and history and innovative aspects like Roving Wildlife and others.

Bushwalking is another innovative and adventurous activity that tourists can indulge in here! The Sunshine Coast offers a wide range of adventure activities for tourists and this is one of the most preferred and popular ones among the same. Bushwalking can be done through several terrain types including coastal areas, virgin, unsullied beaches and the hinterland which is a visual treat indeed! There are several walking trails that run through some of Sunshine Coast's leading national parks. There are picnic and camping facilities offered at these parks as well and this may well be a huge draw for visitors and tourists. The Sunshine Coast also possesses the imperious

Glass House Mountains which are its most recognizable geological feature consisting of 13 peaks. The biggest among the herd can be viewed from almost anywhere in the region. There are several tracts of natural vegetation encased in national parks and these consist of pine forests, farmland, waterfalls, walking tracks, climbs and some fascinating views to say the least!