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Things to do in Toowoomba

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Toowoomba has an iconic history dating back to the year 1816 when it was first discovered by explorer and botanist Allan Cunningham who found 4 million acres of grazing and farmland which was then known as Darling Downs which was flanked by the Great Diving Range on its eastern flank. The Toowoomba Township was established thereafter and it became a declared city in the year 1904. The city has earned quite a name for itself on the mainstream Australian tourism map and is thronged by innumerable tourists and visitors all throughout the year. As a result, it has now become one of Australia's hottest tourism destinations for its beautiful landscape and horde of tourist attractions. There is quite a lot to see and do in Toowoomba and if you are visiting on work or pleasure, you will never have a dull day for sure!

The Carnival of Flowers is what makes Toowoomba stand out from many other cities. This iconic event draws hundreds of locals and tourists every year in September. This Carnival of Flowers is the longest running event in this category in the entire country. This festival celebrates the rich diversity of flowers found in the city along with food, entertainment, culture and wine. Spring is the guiding theme for this festival and it has loads of attractions for everyone. There are several events that comprise this Carnival including the Grand Central Floral Parade, Pictures in the Park which is an open air cinema, Classic Cars Carnival, twilight garden tours, live concerts and the Flower Food and Wine Festivalamong others. This festival is a must visit for all tourists looking to soak in the history, culture and floral beauty of the city. This will definitely be an ideal time to visit Toowoomba and you can align your dates accordingly. This festival is what keeps the city buzzing for a week at least and you are rest assured of having a good time with your friends and family members here.

There is a lovely museum operated by Cobb and Co and this commemorates the growth of the company from a humble mail service to what it is today. This museum definitely deserves a visit on your part and is a pivotal part of the Queensland Museum as well. The Cobb & Co Museum also houses the fantastic National Carriage Collection which consists of almost 50 horse drawn vehicles and possesses several galleries that offer a rich insight into the cultural and natural history of Darling Downs and Toowoomba alike. The museum offers a peek into several activities including silversmithing, blacksmithing, millinery and lead lighting among many others. There are free guided tours offered to visitors on a regular basis at this iconic museum.

You should also visit the Crows Nest Falls which is housed in the Crows Nest National Park. The falls run down from a height of almost 25 meters and make for a spectacular sight to behold for tourists and visitors. The Koonin Lookout and Crows Nest Falls Lookout are major attractions here along with spectacular views over a gorge which is called the Valley of Diamonds. The name does not have any clear origination history attached to it but mainly translates into the specific manner in which the sunlight makes granite rocks glisten and sparkle. The Koonin Lookout is home to several remnants of eucalyptus forests, waterfalls, granite outcrops and beautiful creek scenery. The walking trail extends for a total of 4.5 kilometres in all.

The Japanese Garden is another huge tourist attraction and is housed in the university. This is one of the most beautiful trip in Australia and is the largest traditionally designed stroll garden. This garden was first opened to the public in the year 1989 and comprises almost 3 kilometres of paths and is home to almost 230 species of native Australian plants and trees, landscaped lawns and Japanese flora. Approximately 2500 azaleas have been planted in this garden in a symbolic tribute to Japan where these grow in the wild. The lovely Central Lake, red colored bridges, waterfall and ducks make this a magnificent setting for your travails by all means. The Newtown Park State Rose Garden is another attraction where more than 1500 roses can be viewed in all their splendor. This rosarium has always been enhanced as a living memorial for residents of Toowoomba. Historians will love the Entrance Pavilion where the park's history, people and roses is displayed on brass plaques for people to read. The rose collection includes the David Austin, hybrid tea and the climbing rose among many others.

Bunnyconnellen is another lovely place to visit for tourists. The name of this unique emporium translates into convivial pleasures and this offers several products including gourmet foods, olive related products, fine wine, extra virgin olive oil and table olives in addition to possessing a cellar door. You can take a stroll amidst beautiful olive trees and vines and relish the fauna and flora spread over 252 acres. There is a dam where you can sit and take your pleasure while consuming a reinvigorating red or white wine. This emporium has won several medals at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Competition and definitely makes for a must visit for gourmets and connoisseurs of fine food and wine.

The Empire Theatre also deserves a casual visit on your part and is a heritage listed art-deco arena that offers performing arts for every niche and taste. This is the biggest regional performing arts complex in Australia and several shows by global and domestic performers are staged here along with comedy, live performances, music and ballet. Historical tours are also offered at this theatre. Picnic Point is another wonderful tourist attraction that consists of lovely parklands along with picnic facilities, barbeques and playgrounds. You also get lovely views over the Lockyer Valley and this makes this spot a hit among couples and families alike. There is also a restaurant, cafe, picnic benches and several walking tracks.