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Student Transfers

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Special student transfers

Students do not have it easy when travelling to another country for their education. Transportation is often the biggest hassle that they have to face and it starts right from the airport itself. Students always remain unsure of the best possible transfer options in a particular country and hence end up with the wrong choices or getting fleeced if they are unlucky. Safety is a big aspect in this case and their parents have sleepless nights wondering about the safety of their children while travelling to and from their accommodations and their educational institutions.AIRPORT TRANSFERS to their educational institutions and digs are also a matter of concern for many students who do not know how to get hold of a cab for this purpose.

More often than not, they end up having to hitchhike their way somewhere or take cabs with loads of anxiety and nervousness. We at Black Bow Chauffeur understand this fear of getting lost, of being misunderstood, misrepresented and ending up miles away from where one was originally supposed to arrive. Additionally, most students live on tight budgets which often make it impossible for them to afford cab transportation and this causes a huge problem when it comes to reaching their educational institutions on time from their homes/digs or even from the airport itself. Our services start right from the airport itself and extend to all other transportation needs that students may have. Black Bow Chauffeur have a student friendly transportation policy in place that should definitely put worried parents completely at ease.

Who are we? We are Black Bow Chauffeur, one of Australia's most reliable transportation service providers. Our USP lies in providing safe and luxurious limousine-like transportation at relatively affordable prices. We make use of the best luxury vehicles for this purpose and have earned all necessary licenses required to operate in the country. We offer drivers who wear business suits in a bid to make them more recognizable and identifiable to all our clients. Our Chauffeur ensures ample comfort and safety for customers. Customer service is our motto above all else and we guarantee total fulfilment for students looking to travel with us across several parts of Australia. Black Bow Chauffeur believes in being personalized service providers who understand and meet the specific needs of students to the fullest. This student focused outlook helps us tailor service packages accordingly in a manner that helps students get luxury transportation well within their budgets.

Our fleet should also impress any student who is passionate about cars. We have several luxury vehicles under our belt including the Kia Carnival, Mercedes Benz Valante, Chrysler 300 C, Hyundai iMax, Toyota Tarago, Toyota Hi Ace Commuter, Lexus and the Ssangyong Stavic among numerous others. All our vehicles come with state of the art features and a comfortable and luxurious experience for customers.

Our drivers are well trained with regard to keeping customers safe and comfortable throughout every journey. Students need not worry about any breach in road regulations in addition to speeding and freak mishaps. We also offer hassle free private transfer services for all students who do not have time to go through a long and extensive process. Customer service and low fares are what makes us an attractive and viable option for students and we have extended our services to several parts of Australia including

This helps us serve students from several parts of the country without batting an eyelid. We also have several other added and personalized services that are offered to all our customers in order to make the experience more memorable and fulfilling.

Our booking process only requires students to fill in a simple form online. This form contains all necessary details including the dates of travel, pick-up and drop points, number of passengers; specific service opted for, name, email address, street details, suburb details and mobile phone number. Once all these details have been entered and confirmed, the booking process is swiftly completed and your very own chauffeured car will arrive at your desired destination within time. If you have any more doubts, you can always call our customer care number which is open for 24 hours a day!

You can easily redress your grievances, get your queries answered and receive the best possible services and solutions from our team of trained customer service personnel. With state of the art vehicles and pocket friendly transportation packages, Black Bow Chauffeur aims at being a preferred transport companion for students throughout their stay in the country. We also offer fast and hassle free transfers to hotels and other accommodation from the airport for all students. We also operate as a regular transport provider plying between a customer's home and educational institution. We personalize and tailor our services to fit your requirements and this makes us a trusted name in Australia when it comes to students. All you need to do is experience the Black Bow Chauffeur brand of service once. Rest assured, you will be in for an unforgettable experience and will not look for transportation elsewhere! Such is our guarantee of quality, comfort and customer satisfaction.

We also have multiple payment methods on our site to ensure greater convenience for students. These include PayPal, Cabcharge, Direct Bank Deposit, Diners Club, B Pay and all debit and credit cards valid in Australia. Choose Black Bow Chauffeur and experience comfortable transfers to all your preferred destinations including nightclubs, restaurants, educational institutions, offices, sports clubs and more! Students need proper transportation more than any other customer category on the planet. This is why Black Bow Chauffeur has specially tailored service packages and plans guaranteed to enable the welfare and safety of students along with lightening the load on their pockets considerably as well.